Wii-U , things i’d like feed back on plz

December 28, 2013

Before we start with me asking for things lol .. I want to thank everyone involved in the Vwii softmod development , THANK YOU FOR ALL UR HARD WORK !

To start off i’ll start with why i really open this post. I was wanting to ask if the team has found a way to back up (WiiU- disc) on to my hard Drive to keep a back-up. I tryed putting the disc in the WiiU in the wii mode using the HBC i tyred USB loader / GX and Wiiflow with no luck of backing up my WiiU disc.

Just one more thing i’d like to touch on and get the teams feed back is- do you think a wad or hack will be coming out that will let us use the HBC in the (wii U mode) just even to play old wii games on the wii U game-pad..

Thank you for taking the time to read this, i hope i,m not re-posting, I did try to look for post all ready about this but with no luck ,.,


hope to hear back soon


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