Wiiflow MOD R191

March 10, 2012

Published on 03-10-2012 02:02 PM

A mod based on Wiiflow R418 has been released by FIX94. Allowing the use of Dios Mio Lite (DML) to launch backups of GameCube games from an SD (HC). It is recommended to use d2x cIOS v7, the only theme that currently works is Starnight. DIOS MIOS Lite is GC games SD Loader. You will be able to launch GC games from SD using this mod. Keep checking this thread, it gets updated often with the newer releases.


Plays games on partitions FAT / NTFS / WBFS.
Plays DVD Wii and GameCube. (With the 249 so far, 222 version to come out soon)
Support for GameCube games on SD (HC)
Seeking the covers, themes and. Ini in / apps / wiiflow / then / wiiflow /
Possibility of your games, chains, homebrew into categories
A coverflow for your isos on a USB and coverflow for your NAND strings of real
Update via WiiFlow
Supports fanarts and videos
Back WiiFlow leaving a game
Supports WIP patches, BCA codes, cheat codes and codes txt.
Folders are configurable in wiiflow.ini
Supports Ocarina.
Supports. Mp3 and. Ogg
Displays the cIOS used on the screen “About” (icon?)
Supports SDHC
Supports 4 wiimotes, nunchucks, classic controller, guitar and balance board
Launches Wii and GameCube on DVD
Compatible WiiTDB.zip
Compatible cios d2x

Download Wiiflow MOD R191
Official Google Code Page

-updated danish.ini (thanks nibb)
-updated portuguese.ini (thanks Pakatus)
*Added support for GC Multi Game DVD’s to GC Ex Dumper
updated chinese_s.ini (thanks Kavid)
-updated dutch.ini (thanks r-win)
-updated frensh.ini (thanks Jiiwah)
-updated german.ini
-updated english.ini
* The second disc of a Gamecube game that comes with two discs is now marked as
“disc 2” in coverflow
* The GC Ex Dumper will now wait after the first read error so the user can
eject the disc to clean it
* Added a check to the GC Ex Dumper that sees if the disc is ejected by accident
* Fixed free block/size calculation for GC Ex Dumper
* Fixed some thread messages
* Again some code cleanup and minor fixes
* Updated dutch.ini
* Updated english.ini
-(hopefully) last change about addition from r183,
now everything should work fine again and a custom
folder name should be usable for gc games on usb
-changed a few things about addition from r183 again,
now it should work better, please also make sure you
delete the wiiflow/cache folder before trying this rev

And more!

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