WiiGSC and Channel Forwarder Config

August 10, 2014

I had previously used Crap v3.3b to create my channel forwarders for my USB HDD loaded games. I have it that when the forwarder is used, it goes right into the game with the normal boot-up screens that you would see if you had the CD in the drive. When exiting the game, it takes you back to the main Wii Menu. I recently upgraded to WiiGSC v1.06 and attempted to create some new forwarders for some other games. I use USB Loader GX as my USB loader. In using WiiGSC, the only type of forwarder that seems to work is the one that is listed as “USB Loader GX”. While this is nice, when loading a game, you get the USB Loader GX boot-up screen before going into the game and when exiting the game it exits to USB Loader GX.

Does anyone know what setup I might have used before so that you get the appearance that the game is loading straight up and then exits to the Wii Menu? Yeah, I’m a doofus for not saving it somewhere.

Any help would be appreciated? If you need more information, let me know and I’ll try to get it posted.


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