WiiMC v1.2.3

by wiiiso on March 4, 2012

Published on 03-04-2012 01:41 PM

WiiMC (Wii Media Centre) is an open source media player for the Nintendo Wii. WiiMC has been updated to version 1.2.3. This new version includes support for newer WiiMotes among other things.

Features include:

Ability to play virtually any video or audio format
DVD playback, with DVD menu support
Picture viewer
Music player
Online media support, including SHOUTcast, YouTube, and Navi-X
SD, USB 2.0, SMB, HTTP, and FTP support
Attractive libwiigui-based interface, designed with the Wii in mind


Synced to MPlayer r34780 and ffmpeg 83c418e68ee5
Compiled with latest libogc and devkitPPC r25
Improved network initialization
Improved music playlist sorting – now it is per-folder (patch by entropy)
Added playlist reset with minus key (patch by entropy)
Added a new “Through” setting for music playlists (patch by entropy)

Download WiiMC 1.2.3 (New Install)
Download WiiMC 1.2.3 (Update)

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