WiiScrubber 1.4 won’t stop showing "io_seek" error, any ideas?

April 20, 2014

Hiya guys, new to the Wiihacks forum.

I am trying to get a modded expansion pack version of an original game I own. I’m trying to do this by imbedding the expansion files onto the iso game file (iso downloaded thru torrent UPDATE: Replaced torrented iso file with a “legal” ripped version), then playing it onto the wii.

Problem is, I cannot seem to load through the first step.

The WiiScubber program opens up like normal, but I cannot even properly load the iso file to access the partitions. A window pops up and says “io_seek”.

I have read over and over on other forums that other people have experienced this problem. Most of them found a solution though. I then made all of these ideas and possible solutions into a checklist.

1. Generated the key bin files.

2. Put both the key bin files in the wiiscrubber directory file.

3. Put the iso file in he wiiscrubber directory file.

4. Made sure that Dolphin (or anything at all) wasn’t running simultaneously.

5. Put the wiiscrubber directory file in Desktop, Program Files (reg & x86), then (C .

6. Ran the wiiscrubber program “as administrator” by both right-click option and actually switching the user to admin.

The result didn’t work for any of them. The result is a window that says “io_seek” and then either (a) encounters a problem having to close, or (b) the logging window shows some effort with the following:

Partition: 0x0
partition offset: 0x100000000
partition data offset: 0x100000000
partition data size: 0x0
H3 offset: 0x100000000
partition has no valid tmd (<– whatever this means)

And this just repeats itself to the next partition. These groups of data show a line or three every time the OK button is pressed on the “io_seek” window

Here’s my computer info, if it helps:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
HP Pavilion dm1 Notebook PC
AMD E-350 Processor 1.60 GHz
AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics

I know this is kind of a long message but I’m very determined to figure this out. Many Thanks to any help for this issue!

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