Wilbrand Launcher v8.0

January 4, 2013

This is yet another Windows only tool to help you create the Wilbrand exploit used to softmod your Wii. The computer needs internet access while creating the exploit but just or the first time. However, a Wii console connected to the internet is NOT needed as the exploit is loaded from the SD card.


Power on the Wii and verify if your date on Wii is correct (if it isn’t.. fix it)

Go to Settings -> Internet -> Console Information and take a look at the MAC Address.

Now start Wilbrand Launcher , type the MAC Address and the other info.

Create the exploit, then copy and paste the files into the root of the SD card.

Now you can place the SD card into the Wii.

Go to the Messageboard and navigate to Yesterday.

Click on the Green Letter….

And wait that Hackmii Installer start. =)

Download Wilbrand Launcher 8.0

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