Yabause Wii r2926 beta26

June 8, 2012

Published on 06-07-2012 05:00 PM

Yabause Wii is the Wii version of Yabause, a Sega Saturn emulator, and is the first for Wii to emulate the complex processes of the Sega Saturn. The Wii port is not released officially. Some unofficial versions have been released. Note that the Wii port is in testable status, and won’t be officially supported until a later date. You must not ask the Yabause Team about unofficial versions.

How to set up:

1. Copy the contents in the HBC directory to your SD (includeing SDHC) card or USB storage.
2. Copy game ROMs files (.cue with .bin or .iso) to SSROMS directory.

Optional: If you want, copy the bios file of the Sega Saturn to SSROMS directory as the name “bios.bin” (But, the default setting is “Without bios”. So, if you want to use bios, please set the “With bios” in the Settings submenu). The current version of Yabause Wii can execute games without BIOS. Some games need the bios file to run normally.

Morover, you can use the bios utilities (catridge management (remove, copy, etc.), etc.), when you set the “Bios only” in the Settings submenu.

When there are game files in both SD card and USB storage, the game files in SD card are given to priority.

How to use:

1. Load this emulator by a loader such as the homebrew channel.
2. Select the “Load ISO/CUE” menu. The game files in the SSROMS directory are displayed.
3. Select a game. you got to cartridge submenu. Some games need to select the proper cartridge.
4. Select the proper cartridge, you return to the main menu.
5. Select the “Start emulation”.


Unofficial r2926 beta26 – Jun. 7, 2012
based on the original yabause r2926
support wiiflow mod plugin; autoloading with arguments

Yabause Wii r2926 beta26
Source- Wiibrew

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