Yes, I’m a total newbie, please help!

January 4, 2014

I modified my Wii yesterday (4.3U, black wii, and from what I’ve read I cannot load Bootmii), and at first it worked fine. I followed a youtube tutorial External Link Removed. And yes, NOW that I’ve read the sticky notes above, I realize following a youtube tutorial probably wasn’t wise. So, if I can just get help learning from that mistake, without bricking my Wii, that would be great.

So, the first problem we noticed was that games sometimes freeze when loading from USB Loader GX. So, we tried running them from the disc instead and that seemed to work, although defeating the whole purpose. The entire plan was to have this set up so my kids don’t scratch discs by constantly taking them in and out (and through general carelessness on their part). But now the disc channel wants to force a system update every time we try to load a disc in there.

I installed Homebrew first, then installed IOS236, then cIOS rev20b (ran that installer, following the tut’s instructions), then used a wad manager to install the channel for USBLoaderGX. I used WBFS to format the external hard drive, which is an old 100GB disc from a laptop that I replaced years ago and have just been using as an external. That’s about the extent of my knowledge, but if I’m given clear instructions I can probably find out anything else that will help someone know how to help me.

Anyway, I’m terrified that I’ve ruined the Wii, so any help will be very appreciated. Thanks!

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